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Welcoming your kitten

First of all, you have to organize your kitten's living space well.

in your interior  

– a dining area:  one for the croquettes that you can leave available and one for the water that you will change every day or as soon as it is dirty.  

– a litter corner:  who must be in a quiet corner, it will be necessary to take care of the cleanliness of this litter: remove droppings and pee as soon as there are any, completely change the litter  and wash the tray with a little bleach (or other disinfectant ) once a week.  

– a game corner:  with scratching post, high observation post with  a cat tree. , toys, etc.


Remember to preserve your kitten by not giving access to  plants that can be poisonous.  

Once you have retrieved your kitten from its transport crate

  here are the steps to follow for a good adaptation

1) Pose  the box or the transport bag  in the room that you have chosen without giving him access to all your accommodation so that he can adapt to your smell, to new noises without scaring him with the totality of the space which will seem gigantic to him. Let your kitten go out on her own, she may not want to come out right away, that's okay, give her some time and calm.

2) Once the kitten is out, he will begin to explore the territory, show him his litter right away, scratch the sand a little to show him what it is and his bowls.

4) Let the kitten explore your apartment/your house while remaining available and very attentive, he may feel alone or put himself in danger with things that you would not have seen or thought of removing.  

5) Offer your kitten to play, it will occupy it, relax it  and will allow you to get to know each other.

6)  make him  meet all the members of your family (human adults and children) taking care to speak to him gently, to handle him without scaring him, not to be too noisy.

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