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diatomaceous earth

Causing no side effects to your cat and ensuring total protection from the colonization of parasites, diatomaceous earth has a particularly effective biocidal action.


How does diatomaceous earth eliminate parasites?

Composed of ultrafine crystals, diatomaceous earth creates superficial wounds in the shell and digestive tract of the parasite which will lead to dehydration causing death within 48 hours. The powder has no harmful effect on the body of your little companion because the action is only effective at the microscopic level.

What pests are eradicated by diatom powder?

Pests eliminated by pest control soil  are :

  • Fleas.

  • Ticks.

  • Lice.

  • Mites.

  • Toward.

In  pest control  external  


How do I apply diatomaceous earth to my cat?

  1. Be sure to put on gloves before applying diatomaceous earth because of its drying property (irritation of the skin).

  2. Apply the powder to your cat's coat while gently brushing back the hair.

  3. Properly spread the powder on the infected areas by massaging.

  4. Avoid contact with the animal's eyes and nose.

  5. Perform the treatment twice a week to eliminate adult fleas.

  6. Then renew once a week for 3 weeks to destroy unhatched eggs.


Contraindications: The use of antiparasitic powder is not recommended if your companion has pulmonary disorders or skin dryness problems.

As an internal parasiticide


Very good vermifuge, diatom powder is to be administered in the  mixing with water and mash for palatability  and more administration  simple.


here are the quantities according to age  of your cat:

  • Kitten from 2 to 8 months 0.8g (half a teaspoon  coffee)

  • cat 8 months and + 1.6g (one spoonful  coffee)

As a dietary supplement

Diatomaceous earth provides  :

➔ Vitality.

➔ A fortification of the immune defences.

➔ Good transit operation.

➔ A contribution to muscle maintenance.

➔ A recess of the bones.

➔ Optimum shine and hair growth.

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